About Us


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Where it all began

Back in 1995, East Coast Wings was just one restaurant in Winston-Salem, NC. But that one restaurant had a fanatical following. In 2001, Sam Ballas and Steve G. Kontos, two entrepreneurs with over 40 years of combined restaurant experience, decided to purchase the restaurant and build upon the formula. By bringing in industry experts such as Tom Scalese, they reworked and expanded the concept to introduce a new and improved Buffalo-style wing menu that is known today as East Coast Wings & Grill.

Where our food is the hero

We set out to create a casual, full-service dining experience that focuses on our delicious food. Bar service exists only to complement the dining experience, making our restaurants more family friendly with a much higher than average ticket.

What keeps our customers coming back for more is our unparalleled variety. Our crowd-pleasing menu lets you choose from 75 flavors

and 9 heat levels, with over 675 combinations of Buffalo-style wings. You could come to one of our restaurants every day for years and never get the same flavor experience twice! Not surprisingly our customers do just that and make more frequent visits to experience new flavor combinations.

Where fresh means fun

East Coast Wings & Grill’s signature is our Buffalo-style chicken and shrimp, but our award-winning food doesn’t stop there. There are salads, wraps, burgers and sandwiches, all prepared fresh to order. It’s the freshness that makes East Coast Wings & Grill so appealing. In this economy, people choose carefully when they spend money dining out. And when they do, they are demanding the highest quality possible. East Coast Wings & Grill has it all-quality, flavor, and value.