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Why It’s Beneficial for Your Franchisor to Have Skin in the Game

East Coast Wings + Grill is planning to expand corporate-owned as well as franchisee-owned restaurants in the future. What this means for franchisees is the brand has experience operating the restaurants it is selling to franchisees. It also has the capital and resources to provide support for franchisees if the brand is operating multiple company-owned […]

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Hands-On Approach to Multi-Unit Operations Propels Franchisee to the Top

J.D. Penland decided to go into business when thousands of other business owners were getting out – during The Great Recession. He graduated from college a year earlier, and had a steady job in insurance. There were enough factors to convince most people to forego the risks of entrepreneurship. But, J.D. and his brother Jeff […]

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A Restaurant Franchise Driven by Unit-Level Economics

Everybody in franchising says it’s all about franchisee profitability – but not many brands live up to those words. For restaurant franchise concepts, strong unit-level economics is the most fundamental way to help ensure your brand succeeds. We’ve invested in a philosophy that’s driven by EBITDA, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, which […]

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East Coast Wings + Grill scores in the top 200 franchises of 2018 by Entrepreneur!

In the franchising world, food still reigns supreme. Almost a quarter of the 1,023 companies that applied for this year’s Franchise 500 were food-based franchises, and half of the companies that ranked in the top 10 were quick-service restaurants. Some of the oldest and largest franchises in the world are food-based, and new ones arrive […]

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The Secret Sauce to East Coast Wings + Grill’s Success: CEO’s Focus on Quality and Unit-Level Economics

East Coast Wings + Grill founder and CEO Sam Ballas is a man of many talents. Before becoming CEO of the successful concept, he worked in everything from investment banking to estate planning, with various careers in real estate. Although he worked for many years in these different verticals, he’s also spent his entire life […]

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How Did A Vacuum Salesman Become a Top Performing East Coast Wings + Grill Franchisee?

Mike Burkhart spent 10 years as a vacuum cleaner salesman in North Carolina, where he went door-to-door and worked off referrals. As the economic landscape began to slump before the 2008 recession, Mike questioned his commission-based job and started to think about a new line of work. “I thought if I could work in a […]

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Out of Room to Grow Your Multi-Unit Portfolio? Think Again

When it comes to restaurant franchise investments, expansion is at the forefront of many owners’ minds. Franchising is, in many ways, a business model built for multi-unit ownership. You identify a concept that aligns with your investment objectives, values and passions – and you work with the brand to develop new markets and grow. But […]

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Keeping it Hot without Compromising Flavor

Keeping it Hot without Compromising Flavor All too often, spicing up a dish usually means toning down its flavor. This presents a unique challenge for restaurants specializing in piquant foods. More often than not, these restaurants take the easy way out and make concessions with their flavor in favor of heat intensity. Guests unwilling to […]

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Data-Driven Site Selection Focuses on the Most Profitable Locations for East Coast Wings + Grill

We are passionate about helping our franchisees succeed for a simple, symbiotic reason: If their first East Coast Wings + Grill restaurant succeeds, they will be more likely to open more. Their success means greater profitability for them and greater brand presence and awareness for all of us. Among the many efforts we make to […]

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