Month: May 2018

Chicken Wing
Out of Room to Grow Your Multi-Unit Portfolio? Think Again

When it comes to restaurant franchise investments, expansion is at the forefront of many owners’ minds. Franchising is, in many ways, a business model built for multi-unit ownership. You identify a concept that aligns with your investment objectives, values and passions – and you work with the brand to develop new markets and grow. But […]

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Keeping it Hot without Compromising Flavor

Keeping it Hot without Compromising Flavor All too often, spicing up a dish usually means toning down its flavor. This presents a unique challenge for restaurants specializing in piquant foods. More often than not, these restaurants take the easy way out and make concessions with their flavor in favor of heat intensity. Guests unwilling to […]

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Data-Driven Site Selection Focuses on the Most Profitable Locations for East Coast Wings + Grill

We are passionate about helping our franchisees succeed for a simple, symbiotic reason: If their first East Coast Wings + Grill restaurant succeeds, they will be more likely to open more. Their success means greater profitability for them and greater brand presence and awareness for all of us. Among the many efforts we make to […]

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How Our Best-In-Class Net Promoter Score Encourages Franchisee Growth

Every franchisor wants to see each franchisee succeed, but set this vague objective without having a clear strategy to make it reality. Supplementing each franchise owner’s passion and hard work, East Coast Wings + Grill takes a data-driven approach to each franchisee’s success and growth. Specifically, two of the attributes we keep a close eye […]

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Why We Skipped Our Annual Conference to Focus on Franchisee Performance

The reason we skipped holding the East Coast Wings + Grill conference, which would have featured presentations, guest speakers and camaraderie, is simple: We are passionate about seeing our franchisees succeed. In lieu of the conference in 2017, we chose to focus on improving the way each franchisee operates his or her restaurant to make […]

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Franchise Info

Franchise Info