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Data-Driven Growth: Don’t ‘Wing It’ By CEO Sam G. Ballas

East Coast Wings + Grill began franchising in 2004, with the first franchised unit opening in 2005. Since then, the brand has grown to more than 40 operating locations with additional units in development to sustain an annual 15 percent to 20 percent new-unit benchmark. Growing quickly, though, has never been the brand’s focus. This may be counterintuitive to most franchise models but has proven to be one of the biggest reasons for our success.

While many franchisors get swept up in the need to build revenue – in many cases, due to the lack of capital – it’s important to understand that rapid development doesn’t always equate to more sales and success. To optimize system performance and achieve sustainable, long-term growth, a franchise system should grow strategically and at a manageable pace. This is achievable through the development and implementation of data-backed business strategies that, with the right foresight, resolution and patience, can help any franchise system grow responsibly.

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Franchise Info