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How Our Best-In-Class Net Promoter Score Encourages Franchisee Growth

Every franchisor wants to see each franchisee succeed, but set this vague objective without having a clear strategy to make it reality. Supplementing each franchise owner’s passion and hard work, East Coast Wings + Grill takes a data-driven approach to each franchisee’s success and growth. Specifically, two of the attributes we keep a close eye […]

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Why We Skipped Our Annual Conference to Focus on Franchisee Performance

The reason we skipped holding the East Coast Wings + Grill conference, which would have featured presentations, guest speakers and camaraderie, is simple: We are passionate about seeing our franchisees succeed. In lieu of the conference in 2017, we chose to focus on improving the way each franchisee operates his or her restaurant to make […]

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Wing Restaurants are Hot: Why Americans Can’t Get Enough Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a hot commodity. Americans ate more than 1.35 billion wings – that’s enough to circle the earth three times ‑ during the last Super Bowl weekend. For wing-lovers, the food’s huge popularity means more opportunities to indulge and more flavors to try. For wing-makers, it means big business. Americans’ chicken wing obsession […]

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04.05.2018 ECW+G Unit Performance Systems

“…For any emerging business today, effectively utilizing and growing with technology is key for success. Our unit index measuring system is an essential tool to ensure no trajectories are missed.” – Sam Ballas, CEO of East Coast Wings + Grill

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Food Newsfeed: ECW+G and the Wing War

In a rapidly growing and changing restaurant space, Sam Ballas, CEO of East Coast Wings + Grill, thrives on having a methodical plan and the desire to “grow smart.  You have to have vision when you have a 10-year run; with the current look, the current deliverable, can it take you the next 10 years?”. […]

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Cision: East Coast Wings + Grill Plans Tennessee Expansion

With locations already in Johnson City, Memphis, and Kingsport, East Coast Wings + Grill is planning an expansion further into Tennessee. The fast-growing franchise plans to bring seven new locations to Tennessee and over 350 jobs. Read more below:–grill-heats-things-up-with-tennessee-expansion-300595164.html

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Fox8: East Coast Wings + Grill Preparing to Make a Quarter Million Wings for the Big Game

East Coast Wings + Grill prepares to make a quarter of a million chicken wings for the Big Game on 2/4. Check out the link to see a peek of how it’s done! East Coast Wings preparing to make a quarter of a million wings on Super Bowl Sunday

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WBTV: How Spicy Could You Go?

Our friends at WBTV in Charlotte tried our famous HBBQ flavor in the eight different heat indexes, including the insanity heat level. How spicy could you go?

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NRN: 2017 Menu Trends

Thorn and Kruse compare 2017 food trend predictions with actual trends that they noticed over the year and saw that, in line with their predictions, usage of naan bread became more widespread across menus. One example is that East Coast Wings + Grill offers naan bread with the ECW+G Triple Dip.   Read more:

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Franchise Info