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Why East Coast Wings


Customers are finding East Coast Wings + Grill food to be irresistible, and are making multiple monthly visits. We’ve enjoyed 12 years of sane store sales growth, and are continuously receiving accolades for our famous wings.


Great restaurants are never satisfied with the status quo. That’s why we are constantly innovating, testing new menu items, and adding exciting new flavors to tickle our customers’ taste buds. Our centralized commissary serves as a distribution channel and testing center for developing exciting new menu items.

“Deciding to franchise with East Coast Wings + Grill was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The corporate support to make every ECW+G a success is what amazes me. The time, energy and money spent to drive top and bottom line to the highest level makes ECW+G a rare find. It starts with support at every stage from location to training so you are prepared, and continues with marketing help driving guests to your restaurant. I could not be happier with what I have seen from the ECW+G family.”

Name: Seth & Jared Lucas
Franchisee Since: 2008
Bio: Multi-Unit Owner — Greenville, NC (2 locations), Kinston, NC, Goldsboro, NC, and Washington, NC.

“I have been a Subway owner since 1992 and was happy operating my two stores in the Triad. A friend and former manager of my Subway in Mocksville had joined IFH as a sales rep, and had kept in touch over the years. He told me very positive stories of one of his best customers, a new wing concept in Winston-Salem. It had 5 units, and his food orders for wings, tenders and burgers were growing at a phenomenal rate. I had not worked in a full service restaurant since my days in college waiting tables at Bennigan’s, and I was unfamiliar with this small local brand called East Coast Wings + Grill. At my friend’s urging I met with Sam Ballas, CEO of East Coast Wings, to get a better understanding of their franchise model. A 30 minute breakfast meeting became a 3 hour detailed review of the brand, from its start as a small mom and pop restaurant in 1995 to its beginning of franchising in 2002. Sam convinced me he had the right plan for building East Coast Wings into a national brand, and for me to take a chance on this ground-floor opportunity.

I’m glad I did.

Since opening my first unit in Kernersville in 2006, sales have been much better than expected. Customers love our casual, family-friendly dining environment. Our regulars rave about our 75 wing flavors, and the variety of the menu. The response to the brand was so positive, I opened a second unit in Greensboro in 2007. The Great Recession caused every business some economic difficulties, but the East Coast Wings + Grill brand more than held its own. As the economy rebounded, I expanded my unit in Kernersville in 2010 with 75 additional seats. And in December, 2014, we expanded the Greensboro units with 94 additional seats, an updated bar, and indoor/outdoor patio seating. As my units have grown, the support from East Coast Wings + Grill has grown with me. I feel confident that their management team is taking the right steps to secure my financial investment with the brand, and that the future for East Coast Wings + Grill is very bright.”

Name: Daryl Townsend
Franchisee Since: 2006
Bio: Multi-Unit Owner – Greensboro, NC (New Garden Rd) and Kernersville, NC.

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