How Our Best-In-Class Net Promoter Score Encourages Franchisee Growth

how to encourage franchisee growth 2

Every franchisor wants to see each franchisee succeed, but set this vague objective without having a clear strategy to make it reality. Supplementing each franchise owner’s passion and hard work, East Coast Wings + Grill takes a data-driven approach to each franchisee’s success and growth.

Specifically, two of the attributes we keep a close eye on are Net Promoter Score (NPS) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). Our NPS is one metric we analyze to keep improving guest experience, franchisee growth and guest count.

The information gleaned from the data leads to big success for our franchisees, who average 19 percent EBITDA.* The data helps show franchisees where they’re leaving money on the table and helps them refine or develop new in-store processes that will enable them to reach their full potential.

What is a Net Promoter Score?

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a rating of how likely a guest is to recommend a business to a friend, gauging whether this guest will become a promoter or advocate for the brand. The survey categorizes guests as promoters, passives or detractors. Typically, the East Coast Wings + Grill NPS is 10 points above the national average.

how to encourage franchisee growth

Through the survey responses, we can gauge areas of improvement to increase guest satisfaction and experience. Our NPS plays a role in our Franchise Business Reviews and how we adjust our in-store training.

Loyalty Program Drives Net Promoter Score

The Taste the Rewards loyalty program awards East Coast Wings + Grill guests with points per purchase that can be redeemed for coupons and dollars off future purchases. It’s also how we generate our NPS. We send out anonymous surveys to our loyal members to gauge customer satisfaction.

The Taste the Rewards loyalty program was one of the first loyalty programs of its kind in the restaurant market. With years of loyal members under our belt, our registration rate is high and therefore provides a quality sample group. Melissa Thomerson, director of training at East Coast Wings + Grill, explained how loyalty program members drive our sales.

“We have an aggressive rewards program compared to the market,” she said. “We have built up those loyal guests. We see, on average, an extra $5 on loyalty member checks. Loyalty programs are the new local marketing in a way.”

The loyalty program helps generate data about customer satisfaction and allows franchisees to use specific targeting for employee training and marketing in their stores.

Net Promoter Score Drives Training

A healthy NPS gives concrete evidence for development. For example, Melissa and her team use NPS to develop training focus and improvements.

“This year our training is focused around hospitality,” Melissa said. “We strive for an exceptional dining experience, and improving hospitality is a great way to achieve that.”

Not only does NPS help develop training initiatives, it can also be a motivator for franchisees.

“Our data makes it easier to show a franchisee how a high Net Promoter Score can benefit the business. It’s not just a random theme. It’s concrete feedback from their loyal guests.”

The East Coast Wings + Grill corporate team leads monthly training sessions to highlight areas of opportunity for franchisees and encourage growth in those areas.

If you’re interested in a data-driven franchising opportunity with exceptional training strategies, get started with East Coast Wings + Grill here.

* This advertisement is not an offering of a franchise. An offering can be made only by prospectus. We only sell franchisees in states where our offering is registered. EBITDA as submitted by our full service franchised restaurants operating in 2016 as published in item 19 of our April 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document. Individual financial performance will vary.