How America’s Best Wings Franchise Was Born

Sam Ballas - Founder/CEO Chicken Wings Chain Restaurants Franchise East Coast Wings

Sam G. Ballas, CCIM, CFE
Founder/ Chief Executive Officer
International Franchise Association Second Vice Chair

East Coast Wings was born in the year 1995 when a small, individual wing restaurant concept in Winston-Salem, NC was opened. In 2001, Sam Ballas, Founder/CEO bought this individually owned store, then reworked and expanded upon the original East Coast Wings concept and menu to introduce a new and improved Buffalo-style restaurant that is known today as East Coast Wings + Grill. Sam set out to change the stereotype of the traditional Buffalo-style wing restaurants in America that typically do not place importance on food and family atmosphere as much as beer sales and the bar scene. East Coast Wings + Grill was born to prove to America that not only can you enjoy Buffalo-style wings with a heat index that spans seven levels, but also choose from multiple flavors, fresh salads, flatbreads, signature burgers, wraps, and sandwiches, all prepared fresh to order. He also envisioned a casual dining experience that delivered an atmosphere where anyone, especially families, could enjoy famous East Coast Wings Buffalo-style wings and a variety of menu items. Sam created a warm and inviting décor, enhanced a craft beer bar atmosphere, and evolved East Coast Wings into a causal, full-service dining experience. By 2002, by popular demand, he began building the foundation of the East Coast Wings + Grill franchise bar and grill system.

Driven by Unit Level Economics®

East Coast Wings + Grill has a history of winning over hearts and stomachs with its nationally award-winning wing sauces that our guests crave and at the same time, having a commitment to the bottom line of the franchisee. The Brand has a 3-legged approach to the business model – EBIT, growth, and sustainment of systems, process, and procedures. This serves the Brand well to achieve America’s best wings franchise designation.

Regional Franchise Approach

Our Chicken Wings Chain Restaurants Franchise is focused on Developing in the East part of the country. Efficiencies in supply chain, marketing, training and field operations support provide great opportunities for entrepreneurs to join and grow their dreams of business ownership.