Out of Room to Grow Your Multi-Unit Portfolio? Think Again

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When it comes to restaurant franchise investments, expansion is at the forefront of many owners’ minds. Franchising is, in many ways, a business model built for multi-unit ownership. You identify a concept that aligns with your investment objectives, values and passions – and you work with the brand to develop new markets and grow.

But what happens when the franchisor you’re working with has saturated your local markets? Growing with a complementary restaurant franchise is often the ideal pathway for continued multi-unit growth.

Here’s how East Coast Wings + Grill adds value to portfolios of multi-brand restaurateurs:

The popularity of Wings Takes Flight

Chicken wings are ingrained in the American culinary landscape they are as common as hamburgers and French fries. They seem to grace more and more menus of quick-serve, fast casual, and casual full-service restaurants across the country. In a year, the average American eats 90 wings, and the country as a whole consumes about 28 billion wings.

For restaurateurs, this translates into strong profit margins. East Coast Wings + Grill is taking wing appreciation to the next level. Our menu offers 58 wing flavors along with eight heat indexes, which allows our guests to create their perfect plate of wings in almost innumerable combinations. And, unlike the typical wing joint, we serve our wings in a family-friendly atmosphere.

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Experiencing Success in Tertiary Markets

Every restaurant franchise wants to open where the most people are and foot and automobile traffic is heavy – big, first-rate cities and their suburbs. However, high-rents, demand for higher wages and market saturation also make those primary markets difficult to penetrate.

East Coast Wings + Grill has had tremendous success in tertiary markets – where rents and the cost of living are lower, and the market is not yet saturated. Consumers in tertiary markets are often hungry for more dining options, too. Because we’ve been successful in tertiary markets, we can boast:

  • 15 percent average unit EBITDA*
  • $1.57 million average unit net sales*
  • 35 to 1 return on first year sales to investment*


However, while there are abundant opportunities in tertiary markets, East Coast Wings + Grill does perform significant research before deciding which ones are right for our franchisees. Our site selection process is based primarily on data-driven psychographics. The data we gather lets us know where our potential guests live, shop and eat. We look at the daytime work population, the number of big box retailers in the area and which grocery stores exist. Our site selection process saves franchisees time and money because it reduces the potential for low unit volume.

If going into tertiary markets is still a concern, the East Coast Wings + Grill system helps you achieve success wherever you open a restaurant.

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Unit-Level Economics is Our Obsession

When you open an East Coast Wings + Grill, there’s no doubt we will help you succeed. We are one of the only brands with a department dedicated to unit-level economics. Part of the support we provide franchisees includes an annual franchise business review. We conduct a detailed gap analysis for each location prior to the annual East Coast Wings + Grill conference. The analysis provides franchisees with concrete information on where they can improve operations and boost their revenue.

We’ve created a scorecard to help franchisees determine where operational efficiencies are lagging. We focus on key areas, such as:

  • Increases in sales, guest count and EBITDA
  • Training – we measure compliance on our training platform and guest complaints per 1,000 guests
  • Marketing and how much it lifts sales
  • Health department, Net Promoter scores and operations reports

chicken wings franchise restaurant

The results of the review provide each franchisee with goals for improving business at each of their locations. Results also give the whole system of franchisees food for thought before our conference. Meaningful conversations result among franchisees and the East Coast Wings + Grill corporate team.

There is Room for More

East Coast Wings + Grill works tirelessly to ensure the financial success of each franchisee, and our top-notch, in-demand product helps us toward that goal.

Multi-unit, multi-brand franchise restaurateurs looking to grow strategically should look no further than adding East Coast Wings + Grill to their portfolio of successful concepts.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with East Coast Wings + Grill, get started here.

* This advertisement is not an offering of a franchise. An offering can be made only by prospectus. We only sell franchisees in states where our offering is registered. EBITDA as submitted by our full service franchised restaurants operating in 2017 as published in item 19 of our April 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document. Individual financial performance will vary.